Several ANZMAG members have published a paper reporting on "high-quality, online lecture series produced by the Australian and New Zealand Society for Magnetic Resonance (ANZMAG) (below), which are presented by some of the world’s best teachers and practitioners of magnetic resonance."

Video with Impact: Access to the World’s Magnetic-Resonance Experts for the Scientific-Education Community
Ann H. Kwan, Mehdi Mobli, Horst J. Schirra, Jennifer C. Wilson, and Oliver A. H. Jones
Journal of Chemical Education 2019 96 (1), 159-164
DOI: 10.1021/acs.jchemed.8b00523

JAMES KEELER lecture series - Understanding NMR Spectroscopy

Last September ANZMAG sponsored a NMR course given by Dr James Keeler at the UQ Moreton Bay Research Station. The lectures were designed to go with the chapters of James' book "Understanding NMR Spectroscopy". They were recorded, edited and the first lecture can be viewed below.

You can also view these videos at the ANZMAG YouTube channel.

We owe thanks to sponsors and volunteers, who spent many hours of their non-existent spare time to get this together:

  • ANZMAG: None of this would have been possible without ANZMAG sponsoring the major part of the costs for James' visit!
  • Mehdi Mobli, who took care of the recording and did much of the (very time-consuming!) video editing
  • Ann Kwan, who did just as much of the video editing and organized proof-viewing of the material
  • The NMR spectroscopists and students who checked the contents and provided feedback
  • Horst Schirra, who organized the venue, transport, registration together with Mehdi
  • John Gehman, who helped with the registration
  • Lindy Rae, who got the endeavour rolling in the first place
  • More sponsors, including the University of Queensland and the Queensland NMR Network, Bruker, Agilent and John Wiley
  • And, of course, James Keeler, who simply did a Stirling job. Not only delivering the lectures, but also making corrections after the recording wherever necessary. This is high quality material indeed, intended to serve the international NMR community as well as ANZMAG.
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