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ANZMAG is a community of researchers spread across Australia and New Zealand, all working in related fields of magnetic resonance. ANZMAGazine aims to provide an outlet for relevant society news and the dissemination of information of value to the community. It is anticipated that ANZMAGazine will increase cohesion of the community and raise awareness of current developments with the ultimate aim to increase collaboration and the impact of magnetic resonance research in the region.

ANZMAGazine is a twice yearly newsletter and will include contributions from the magnetic resonance community as well as up-dates from the ANZMAG board. The articles will include, but not be restricted to, articles that:

  • highlight research groups in the region
  • highlight research output from ANZMAG members
  • opinion articles/letters from the community
  • communicate relevant information, such as new arrivals, conferences, courses, grant outcomes and schemes
  • expert description and detailed implementation of magnetic resonance experiments
  • software/hardware reviews
  • updates from magnetic resonance vendors

ANZMAGazine will have an editorial board including an Editor, a Deputy Editor, a member of the ANZMAG Board and members who will be experts representing the various fields of magnetic resonance. A call for members of the Editorial Board has been announced to ANZMAG membership and representative experts will be invited by the existing editorial board to join. The editorial board will be responsible for producing the magazine in a timely and professional manner to the ANZMAG community. ANZMAGazine will be freely distributed to the members of the community in electronic format (pdf) and made available on the society webpage.
ANZMAGazine board policy

Editorial Board
Mehdi Mobli Chief Editor email
Associate Professor
The University of Queensland
Structural Biology, Biomolecular NMR, Disulphide rich peptides /proteins, Signal Processing
Roger Bourne
Senior Lecturer
University of Sydney
Diffusion imaging of biological tissue
Group web page
Anne Conibear
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
University of Vienna
Disulfide-rich cyclic peptides, peptide NMR synthetic antibodies
Jeffrey Harmer
Associate Professor
CAI, The University of Queensland
CW & pulse EPR - radicals, metalloproteins, metal complexes & structural biology
Group web page
Petrik Galvosas
Associate Professor
Victoria University of Wellington, NZ
MR in porous materials, Soft matter and Rheo-NMR, NMR instrumentation
Group web page
Luke O'Dell
Senior Lecturer
Deakin University
Solid-state NMR methods and applications
Group web page
Thomas Hasselhorst
Associate Professor
Griffith University
NMR structure-based Drug Design, Protein-Ligand/Virus-Cell Interactions, Carbohydrate Recognising Proteins Group web page
Oliver A.H. Jones
Associate Professor
RMIT University
Biomolecular NMR and mass spectrometry, metabolomics, environmental toxicology and chemistry
Group web page
Jenny Wilson
Associate Professor
Griffith University
Bacterial surface glycans, carbohydrate structure elucidation, protein:carbohydrate interactions
Marc Sani
Research Fellow
University of Melbourne
Solid-State NMR Methods and NMR-DNP
Peta Harvey Cover Artist
Senior Research Fellow, UQ
Peptide and protein structure,
High-throughput NMR

Michael Green Webmaster
Senior Research Fellow, NIF Facility Fellow
Neuroscience Research Australia, NSW
MR Diffusion
Group web page
NMR Image