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Residual Dipolar Couplins

Location of course: Brisbane


Ad Bax gave an introduction into the theory and application of residual dipolar couplings (RDC) at the APNMR conference in October last year. His lectures were recorded and edited, and are now publicly available on YouTube at the following links:
These lectures are an ideal starting point for anyone who intends tom use RDCs in research and application.
We extend a big thank you to sponsors and volunteers, who spent many hours of their non-existent spare time to get this together:
ANZMAG for sponsoring and organising the venue! Mehdi Mobli and Ann Kwan who did all of the very time-consuming video
editing! Ad Bax, of course, who did a really great job!
Like James Keeler's lectures previously, this material is intended to serve the international NMR community as well as ANZMAG
Comments and suggestions are very welcome especially in the next 6 weeks (email Suitable changes will be made until May 1st.

Date: 29/10/2013

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Contact phone number: 03 8344 7137

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