About Us

The Australia and New Zealand society for Magnetic Resonance (ANZMAG) supports the science of magnetic resonance in Australia and New Zealand.

The society sets out to -

  • Support best practice
  • Award achievement through the ANZMAG medals
  • Host conferences
  • Facilitate the NMR Network
  • Organise training
  • Act as a hub for relevant news
  • Help members to network

"The ANZMAG Society has had a very positive effect on our work here in Australia and New Zealand. NMR spectroscopy is a hugely important tool and is central to many of the physical, chemical and biomedical sciences. Findings are benefiting both science and industry. I’m very happy to say that our work is respected around the world." Professor Barbara Messerle, UNSW.

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Australia 1952 - 1986 (Erratum)
K.Marsden and Ian D. Rae.
Historical Records of Australian Science, 8(3) (1990)


Every two years, ANZMAG awards two medals to recognize outstanding contributions of a senior and a younger member of the Australian and NZ magnetic resonance communities.

The ANZMAG Medal is open to all financial members of the Society who meet the eligibility criteria. The medal is designed to recognize outstanding contributions to magnetic resonance in Australia and/or NZ. While research contributions are of primary importance, other contributions, including teaching of magnetic resonance or service to the discipline, will also be considered.

The Sir Paul Callaghan Medal is open only to financial members of the Society who have completed a PhD no more than 15 years before the closing date, with appropriate allowance for significant career interruptions. This award recognizes outstanding achievements in research by younger members of the Society.

Year ANZMAG Medal Sir Paul Callaghan Medal
Young Investigators
2017 Prof Lindy Rae
Neuroscience Research Australia
Dr Luke O’Dell
Deakin University
2015 Prof Glenn King
University of Queensland
Dr Oliver Jones
RMIT University
2013 Prof Gottfried Otting
Australian National University
Dr Mehdi Mobli
University of Queensland
2011 Prof Frances Separovic FAA
University of Melbourne
Dr Johan Rosengren
University of Queensland
2008 Prof Philip Kuchel FAA
University of Sydney
Dr Ann Kwan
University of Sydney
2006 Prof Ray Norton
Not awarded
2004 Prof David Craik
University of Queensland
Dr Terry Mulhern
University of Melbourne
2002 Prof Paul Callaghan GNZM, FRS, FRSNZ
Massey University
Dr Joel Mackay
University of Sydney

ANZMAG Board of Directors

Bill Price
School of Science and Health
University of Western Sydney, NSW

Oliver Jones
School of Applied Sciences
RMIT University, Vic
Email: enquiries@anzmag.com.au

Jenny Wilson
Institute for Glycomics
Griffith University, Qld

Board members
Andrew Coy
Wellington, NZ

Glenn King
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
University of Queensland, Qld

Petrik Galvosas
Magnetic Resonance Physics
Victoria University of Wellington, NZ

Horst Schirra
Centre for Advanced Imaging
University of Queensland, Qld

Louise Brown
Biomolecular Sciences
Macquarie University, NSW

Kirk Feindel
The University of Western Australia, WA

Paul Gooley
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
The University of Melbourne, Vic

Caroline Rae (ex officio) Company Secretary
Neuroscience Research Australia
Sydney, NSW

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